12 months listed – and still hungry! Here’s what happened in the first year after IPO

29 Jun 2018 | Business & Innovation | by Melanie Bochmann

12 months listed – and still hungry! Here’s what happened in the first year after IPO

It’s been one year since Delivery Hero went public on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (June 30, 2017). Having raised close to €1 billion, it was the largest German IPO in 2017 (read more).

Today we’re celebrating our first anniversary as a listed company – and Delivery Hero has literally just started. Here are ten figures that prove going public was just another milestone on our successful journey.

One year after IPO Delivery Hero


Rise in share price
Since our IPO (issue price of €25.50), our share price has climbed tremendously (closing price of €44.94 – May 28th 2018).

€ 3,7 billion

Increase of market value
Delivery Hero’s market cap increased by an incredible 82% from around 4.5 billion in June 2017 to 8.2 billion in June 2018.


Analysts are bullish
As of today, 14 of 15 research analysts recommend buying Delivery Hero shares.


We’re one of the 80 largest listed companies in Germany.
Delivery Hero joined the MDAX less than a year after the IPO. The MDAX tracks the 50 largest and most liquid companies under the DAX tracking Germany’s 30 listed players by size.


Revenue growth
Our group revenues grew by 61% to €171 million in the first quarter of 2018 (YOY*).


GMV growth
In the first quarter of 2018, our Gross Merchandise Value grew by 52% to € 1,150 million (YOY*).

1 million

Orders daily
We received a record 89 million orders in the first quarter of 2018 (YOY* growth of 48%) – hitting a milestone of, on average, one million orders per day.


More restaurants
Since our IPO, we welcomed thousands of new restaurant partners on our platforms globally – we now have a network of around 190,000 restaurant partners on a joint mission to create an amazing takeaway experience.


New employees on board
Within the last twelve months, our Delivery Hero family kept growing – we now have c. 17,000 Heroes globally.


New members added to our management team
Jeri Doris (Chief People Officer) and Eduardo Goes (Chief Logistics Officer) have recently joined Delivery Hero and are both excited about the company’s overall growth and the increasing importance of our logistics capabilities – our global own delivery rider fleet grew by 40% this past year!

Interim Result: Twelve months after going public, we’re all set to continue our story – just like our IPO slogan said: We only just started.

*YOY = year over year

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