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- January 11, 2022

Stronger together: Shoulder to shoulder tackling the pandemic

As a global company that operates in around 50 countries, our differences strengthen us and our shared values unite us all. Caring is a cornerstone of the foundation Delivery Hero operates on, so much that it is reflected in our core value of “we are Heroes because we care.” 

As part of our Local Heroes Stories, we want to take the opportunity to emphasize local programs across the company that speak to this shared value. As the global pandemic continues, our teams across the globe are launching initiatives to strengthen and support their community in these difficult times.

For this edition, we look at the recent vaccination campaign by talabat in Egypt, how Baemin is supporting local businesses in South Korea, and a mental health initiative from foodpanda in Singapore. 

Increasing vaccination rates

Talabat Egypt recently launched a Covid-19 vaccination awareness campaign. Currently, only 22,3 % of the 102.3 million population is fully vaccinated. 

In order to increase these numbers, talabat Egypt started a digital awareness campaign together with the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) during the months of November and December 2021. To launch the initiative, UNICEF and talabat collaborated on the campaign that would be distributed via talabat’s online channels with educational material provided by UNICEF. The messages provided focused on emphasizing hygiene guidelines and encouraging people to get vaccinated. This campaign is part of talabat Egypt’s larger Corporate Responsibility efforts.

Supporting local businesses

Baedal Minjok, also known as Baemin, runs a yearly academy aptly named the Baemin Academy. The Academy was started in 2014 with the aim to educate and assist restaurant owners in building better business strategies that in turn had a positive impact on food offerings and delivery methods.

The Academy offers everything from barista classes, to marketing classes, to seminars on food regulations and cleanliness. Business owners can even take classes on how to run a greener restaurant!

Currently, the Academy has run 835 classes and 107,375 people have attended. With no signs of slowing down Baemin is doing its part to help the local restaurant industry flourish in these difficult circumstances, and helping them adapt in these unprecedented times.

Accessibility to mental health services

In October 2021 foodpanda made Intellect’s Mental Health Support app available to all of its employees across all 12 of its markets. The app provides guided meditations, wellness workshops, and even training opportunities for staff to become certified care providers, along with one-on-one online consultations with licensed counselors and behavioral coaches.

With the ongoing pandemic and social contact continuing to be limited, the need for mental health services and guidance is steadily increasing. The app is designed by Singapore-based start-up Intellect and after a successful three-month trial run in its Singapore office, with 98% of employees surveyed asking for the app to be included as part of the company’s mental health benefits, foodpanda has now made the service available to all its employees. Intellect launched their app in April 2021 to meet the ever-growing demand for Covid-safe mental health services.

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