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- September 22, 2020

World Wide Workplace: one office, 100 nationalities, 5 continents

If you missed our previous editions of World Wide Workplace, dive into the archives and find out more about what gives our Heroes that ‘looking forward to Monday’ feeling, and what has been dubbed as Delivery Hero’s “weirdest starting day ever.”

Delivery Hero recently celebrated the milestone of having 100 nationalities represented in its Berlin HQ, which is more than 50% of all nationalities that exist in the world! If that wasn’t enough, more than 50 different languages are spoken in our headquarters and there are Heroes from all continents, except from Antarctica. 

With such a culturally rich environment, we took the opportunity to get the perspectives of five Heroes, who come from five different continents, about Berlin. In the next lines you’ll learn more about what they like the most about the city, the biggest differences compared to their home countries and what brought them to Berlin. Ready for a quick trip around the world?

Heitor Silva

Believe it or not, Heitor moved from Brazil to Berlin without having been to Europe at all before. That takes courage, right? He has been in Berlin for two years now, and joined Delivery Hero in July. He’s an Engineering Manager for the Deliver Areas team, which helps vendors to define where they are able to deliver, and prevent possible delays that could provide a bad experience for customers

Heitor is an Engineering Manager at Delivery Hero
Where are you from?

I’m from Brazil, from a city called Belo Horizonte, in the state of Minas Gerais. The weather there is very hot and dry, because we’re not close to the ocean. Therefore, you’ll mostly find locals hanging out at bars drinking cold beer. The city and the state are well known for their delicious food, and every year there’s a local competition between bars and restaurants, called “Comida di Buteco“. Another interesting fact is that the world famous metal band Sepultura is from Belo Horizonte. 

When did you move to Berlin and why?

I moved to Berlin in June of 2018. There’s a mix of reasons that made me move here, such as: life quality, security, more access to vegetarian/vegan food, the music scene and the ease of travelling to other places. 

What was it like moving to a different continent? 

In my case, it was a mind blowing experience because I never had the opportunity to travel abroad, except for the one time that I went to Uruguay. When I came to Europe, everything was new to me – the smells, the people, the food, the architecture, and even the traffic. I still haven’t seen proper snow, for instance, and I’m looking forward to traveling somewhere where I can get the full snow experience!

What is a unique custom from your country or origin that your co-workers just don’t get?

I never thought about that, to be honest. Although, it happened to me to be questioned by a coworker if it was a normal thing to do in Brazil to stay at home to support someone in your family who’s sick. This is quite common there, but it didn’t seem like a normal attitude for the person who asked.

Another thing I can possibly mention is Shamanism, which is very typical in the Latin American culture. I believe people may confuse it with a religion, but in reality it comes from the practices of our ancestors at indigenous tribes. 

What’s your favorite food from back home? What about German food? 

My favorite food from my state is “Pão de Queijo” or “Biscoito de Queijo” (also known as “Chipa Paraguaia”). They’re very traditional and great companions to some tea and coffee. My favorite German food is actually beer. Since I’m a vegetarian, it’s hard to find any traditional German dishes without meat.

Joelle Davis

A double citizenship and the enjoyment of the simple things in life brought Joelle to Berlin. She has been part of Delivery Hero for over a year now as a Search Marketing Specialist in the Search Engine Marketing team. Her main responsibility is to manage search ads accounts for our brands Netpincer (in Hungary) and Damejidlo (in Czech Republic), ensuring that Delivery Hero stays ahead of the competition in each respective market, when it comes to search applications.

Joelle is a Search Marketing Specialist at Delivery Hero
Where are you from? 

I come from Savannah, in the state of Georgia (United States of America). The city is known for its historic district, which is full of victorian homes, and for its southern food and charm. It also has an abundant water culture, since it not only contains a major port and is located nearby Tybee Beach, but also has multiple rivers running through which provide a ton of fishing and boating activities.

When did you move to Berlin and why? 

I moved to Berlin in January of 2019. As both an American and German citizen, I’d spent bits of my life in both countries. Once I became an adult, it was clear, from my yearly trips back to Europe and having traveled to nearly every corner of the US, that relocating to this side of the pond would serve both my own lifestyle and interests better. I feel quite a few expats can relate to this as they find themselves more settled in a place like Berlin. 

What languages do you speak? 

Fluent English and working on my German.

What’s your favourite place in Berlin and why? 

Berlinische Galerie. They always put on amazing exhibitions related to ways that individuals of Berlin have expressed themselves through the city’s history – both rocky and vibrant. For example, last year they featured exhibitions from the Novembergruppe (a secessionist art movement) to Bauhaus. They also have an amazing permanent exhibit – all of which really reflects so much of Berlin’s many cultural shifts in history. 

What’s the biggest difference compared to where you grew up? 

I’ve found that in Berlin people adapt to their leisure time better than in my experience living in Savannah, Atlanta and Chicago. For example, you see people enjoying a wine by the canal or a blanket in the park rather than having a very “point A to point B” mindset. You look around and get the feeling that many of the residents are both more authentic to their individual character, while also being more relaxed at the same time. 

I feel that my balance between work and personal life has improved with an enhanced quality within my daily experiences. Perhaps, this is why I’ve fallen in love with the city, as I can relate to this. The city has really become “home” more than any of the others, and in it I’ve found myself more than in any of the others. 

Tosin Anifowose

Originally from Nigeria, Tosin has been a Tech Recruiter at Delivery Hero for one year. She moved from Hamburg to Berlin in 2016, and as part of her day-to-day activities she runs many interviews with candidates, reviews applications and ensures that hiring managers are aligned with candidates processes. 

Tosin is a Tech Recruiter at Delivery Hero
Where are you from?  

Ondo State, in Nigeria. I was born in the northern part of the country, but I practically grew up in Lagos state, which is in the southwest. Lagos stands out for being diverse and densely populated, having over 21 million people. It is also pretty attractive to a lot of foreign visitors, because of its rich history and famous landmarks. Some popular tourist spots include: Lekki conservation center, Omu resort, Tarkway bay beach and Eleko beach.

When did you move to Berlin and why? 

I moved to Berlin from Hamburg in 2016 to join my husband, after he got a job offer here.

What languages do you speak? 

English and Yoruba. I’m also learning German.

What’s your favourite place in Berlin and why? 

I don’t have a favourite spot in Berlin yet. But in general, I like the eastern part of the city because of the cool and serene atmosphere. It is also a good choice for families with children, since there’s a lot of green areas and it’s very silent. 

What’s the biggest difference compared to where you grew up? 

The food! Nigerian food is a-ma-zing and we have a huge variety of options to choose from. Finding Nigerian food in Berlin is possible, but the options are pretty limited. For instance, I’m aware of only one eat-in Nigerian restaurant in the whole city. Would be happy to get some recommendations!

Anna Slater

In search of a more relaxed lifestyle, Anna moved from busy London to Berlin three years ago and she started her career at Delivery Hero on her second day of being a Berliner! Anna is an Executive Support Manager and, together with her team, supports the Product, Tech and Marketing departments. She also assists Delivery Hero’s Chief Product Officer.

Anna Slater is an Executive Support Manager at Delivery Hero
Where are you from?

I grew up on a farm in a very small village in the southwest of England, called Froxfield. This village is quite near to a place called Stonehenge, which some people may have heard of as it’s one of the UK’s most famous historical sites.

When did you move to Berlin and why?

I had been working and living in London for nearly eight years, working in advertising, and I really wanted a change of city and industry. After a few visits to Berlin, I discovered it had a very cool culture and music scene, which was pillars apart from the chaos and intensity of London life. So, in August 2017 I moved here and I started at Delivery Hero on my second day being in Berlin!

What’s your favorite German food? What about the least favorite? 

My favorite German food is probably schnitzel. I don’t actually think I have a least favorite. Maybe currywurst, although I do still eat it occasionally.

How would you describe the company culture at Delivery Hero? 

I would describe our company culture as extremely collaborative and friendly. We are always there to help and support each other, regardless of which team or department we are part of. I also find the culture very motivating and rewarding, because the work is always challenging, interesting and there’re so many opportunities to learn. Delivery Hero also has a very fun culture, which makes it an enjoyable place to work.

What do you love about Berlin? 

I love the lakes, especially Straussee lake because the water is crystal clear. The abandoned buildings are amazing for winter exploring, watching the sunset at Tempelhofer Feld is always lovely, as well as the summer street festivals. And, of course, not to forget the amazing techno! There is no other techno in the world like in Berlin.

…and what don’t you love? 

Cash payments, the U8 line on the U-Bahn, supermarket queues, and the icy cold winters.

Shayan Fallahi 

Shayan comes from Iran and moved to Berlin for a Master’s program. He started his career at Delivery Hero almost three years ago, having first joined the Foodora team and then, after one year, moving to Delivery Hero’s Central Data team. Currently, he’s a Senior Business Intelligence Analyst at the Central BI team, in charge of providing data driven solutions across Delivery Hero brands. 

Shayan is a Senior Business Analyst at Delivery Hero
Where are you from? 

I’m Iranian, from the capital Tehran. Tehran is a big city, with over 8 million people. Similar to any other big city, it might be a bit too brutal at first glimpse. But what makes Tehran special for me is the different communities, the nightlife and the skyline with the snowy mountain in the background, which to me is mesmerizing. Just search on Google for “Tehran skyline” and you will see what I am talking about.

When did you move to Berlin and why? 

I moved to Berlin back in September 2015, to do my Masters degree in Business Intelligence. 

What do you love about Berlin? 

I love how crazy Berlin is. In fact, you expect unexpected things here and that’s the beauty of it. Still after five years of living here I’m amazed by the amount of cultural, intellectual and international events you bump into by just walking around. Moreover, Berlin is full of different communities and you can always find a big group of people for whatever activity you’d like to do.

…and what don’t you love? 

I don’t like the fact that Berlin has changed a lot within the last five years. When I moved here the city was way more affordable (housing and food) and there was way less competition to find a flat. While I acknowledge that I’m part of the problem (since I moved here from another country and I participate in the competition I mentioned above), I would love it if the city was a bit more prepared for the hype we’re facing at the moment.

What is a unique custom from your country or origin that your co-workers just don’t get? 

Iranians are all about “Tarof” /tʌroʊf/. The best translation I could find for this is “complimentary behaviour”. Basically, it means that you’re trying to be the best host in every situation possible. For instance, if you’re sharing a pizza with a friend you’d always choose the topping to ensure it’s something that your friend would enjoy. While eating the pizza, you’d always give your friend the biggest slice. When it’s time to pay for it, you always insist on paying for everything. 

Tarof is rooted down into the values of our society, which is all about caring and being a good host. These are the morals we learn when we’re growing up. However, many of these values are less present in the behaviour of new generations. You can still have the full exotic experience by joining me when I’m visiting my grandparents.

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