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Foodora is delivering food from highend-restaurants right to your door, in other words it’s an on-demand food boutique for the most beloved restaurants in your town that traditionally don’t deliver. Whether it’s an indulgent family-sized pizza, the best sushi in town or the ultimate burger experience – our foodora bikers pick it up and deliver on time.

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Mjam’s roots go back to the beautiful city Vienna, nowadays we are serving in plenty other cities in Austria.

Why do our customers prefer to order online? Because we make online food ordering more and more convenient each day, providing the best customer experience possible. From paying without cash to a wide range of restaurants and even ordering on the go with the Mjam App – there is nothing as comfortable and easy as ordering food online. Just give it a try!

Artur Schreiber joined Delivery Hero in 2016 as Head of Sales and Business Development for the Austrian business and is responsible for the the Austrian entities Mjam and Foodora since 2018. Prior to Delivery Hero he worked for BCG as a management consultant and gained start-up experience as co-founder of two e-commerce ventures.

Artur studied International Business Administration in Tübingen (Bachelor) and General Management in Mannheim (Master).

Artur Schreiber

CEO Austria