CSR & Sustainability - January 9, 2020

Delivery Hero Becomes Carbon Neutral in Europe, the First Step Towards Becoming Carbon Neutral Globally in 2021

Delivery Hero introduces an offsetting and reduction program to combat climate change.

Berlin, January 9, 2020 – Today, Delivery Hero SE (“Delivery Hero”) announced that all European operations will be carbon neutral from January 2020 onwards. This is a major milestone for Delivery Hero’s ambition to become a carbon neutral company in 2021.

The offsetting program at Delivery Hero covers emissions from its European offices in more than 10 countries (including emissions from energy consumption, business travel, employee commuting and procurement activities) and emissions from all European deliveries. This activity follows the steps Delivery Hero took to make its Headquarters in Berlin carbon neutral in 2019.

Delivery Hero is beginning with an offsetting program to quickly counter emissions. A carbon reduction program is also being created to decrease the company’s greenhouse gas footprint. These activities are in addition to plans to introduce sustainable packaging to restaurant partners, as well as initiatives to make a positive social impact in local communities and further an inclusive and diverse culture within the company.

Niklas Östberg, Co-Founder and CEO, commented: “We are very excited to announce our commitment to become a carbon neutral company in 2021. We want to set an example in the tech industry and to inspire other companies to join the climate protection efforts. Taking responsibility for our greenhouse gas emissions is part of our commitment to deliver a more sustainable future for our customers and communities around the world.”

Delivery Hero works with “ClimatePartner”, a leading climate protection agency, to offset its European emissions by supporting a forest protection project in the Amazon region. Delivery Hero’s climate neutrality certificates can be found here with more details about the forest protection project.

For more information about Delivery Hero’s sustainability program, please visit our website at deliveryhero.com/sustainability.

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