Business & Finance - August 19, 2020

Delivery Hero enters the DAX – Germany’s leading stock market index

  • Deutsche Börse has decided to include Delivery Hero in the DAX (Deutscher Aktienindex), the leading stock market index in Germany, consisting of the 30 largest companies by market capitalization and trading volume, listed on the Frankfurt stock exchange
  • Following its IPO in June 2017, Delivery Hero considers the inclusion in DAX as an acknowledgement of the company’s business model and growth journey
  • Delivery Hero will continue to pursue its global leadership ambitions from Berlin, pioneering quick commerce and working towards delivering anything – locally

Berlin, 19 August 2020 – Deutsche Börse has announced that Delivery Hero SE (“Delivery Hero”), the world’s leading local delivery platform, will be included in the DAX (Deutscher Aktienindex). DAX is the leading German stock market index and consists of the 30 largest companies in terms of market capitalization and trading volume, listed on the Frankfurt stock exchange. 

Niklas Östberg, CEO and Co-Founder of Delivery Hero, said

Delivery Hero just reported strong financial results for the second quarter of 2020, proving that our strategic decisions continue to result in excellent earnings. Entering the DAX is an acknowledgment that the capital market believes in our platform and a recognition of the unwavering dedication our employees bring to work every day, to create a product and service our customers love. We have always focused on building a robust business and a great company. Being part of the DAX, we will continue to expand our service, enhance customer experience, and work towards delivering anything – locally.

Founded in 2011, Delivery Hero had its initial public offering (IPO) in June 2017, was included in the SDAX only three months later and entered the MDAX in June 2018. Starting off as a marketplace for online food ordering, the company later established its own delivery fleets and branched out into complementary business verticals. Today, Delivery Hero is also offering groceries and household goods (like pharmaceuticals, flowers, electronics and more), building new kitchen concepts, and even running its own local warehouses, Dmarts. 

Emmanuel Thomassin, Chief Financial Officer of Delivery Hero, said:

Operating in over 40 countries, Delivery Hero is a truly global company. Becoming part of the DAX, Germany’s prime stock market index, is a great honor for a company of Berlin origins. We are proud of the business we continue to build, happy to see our vision moving the industry forward and ready to deliver on our new expectations as a DAX listed company. As always, we do not intend to stop here. Our teams have never been more committed to innovating and making a positive impact in our communities. There’s much more to come – we’re only just getting started.

For the second quarter of 2020, Delivery Hero reported an order growth of 95% and hit the milestone of delivering 100 million orders in one month. Continuing at this pace, 2020 is set to be the first year in which Delivery Hero will total more than one billion orders on its platforms. In Q3, Delivery Hero will further expand its global footprint by entering Japan. Overall, the company has become the world’s leading local delivery platform with over 630,000 restaurant partners and more than 25,000 employees. 


Delivery Hero is the world’s leading local delivery platform. The company has a strong presence  in 39 out of 43 countries in which it is operating across Europe, Latin America, Asia, the Middle East and North Africa. Delivery Hero also operates its own delivery service primarily in over 600 cities around the globe. Headquartered in Berlin, Germany, the Company group has more than 25,000 employees. For more information, please visit  

Sigrid Dalberg-Krajewski
Director of Global Corporate Communications

Daniel Fard-Yazdani
VP, Head of Investor Relations

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