Tech & Innovation - October 9, 2023

Delivery Hero’s global tech hubs push boundaries with new experiments in AI and ecommerce

Berlin, 9 October 2023 – Delivery Hero, the world’s leading local delivery company, and its community of global tech hubs continue on their ongoing mission to build top-tier innovative technological solutions. This quarter, the company has been focused on fostering symbiotic partnerships for the betterment of the tech and ecommerce landscape. Keep reading to discover some key updates from the last quarter.

Delivering AI powered solutions

In August, Delivery Hero held its Global Hackathon event, designed to foster creative thinking around the potential uses for progressive AI technologies. The event took place over a four day period, with nine global brands and twenty teams taking part. 

The teams collaborated on creating solutions that ignite growth with AI. Leveraging the diversity within, participants from different organizations, backgrounds, and cultures brought unique perspectives and insights to the problem solving process. The top three teams covered topics such as how to improve the readability of reviews to aid decision making quickly through AI, and using AI to determine the optimal item price for customers and vendors.

Glovo, the company’s Spanish subsidiary, also held an annual hackathon focused on generative AI, with forty different teams collaborating across different domains and geographical locations. The teams worked to push the boundaries of AI to optimize Glovo’s products and enhance the user experience. Ideas spawning from the event have already been incorporated into roadmaps for the coming months.

Pushing the boundaries of food delivery

foodora Norway successfully tested their inaugural drone delivery in the country, underscoring the great potential and rapid advancement of drone technology in the realm of food delivery. This followed a similar pilot drone project in Sweden last year. The test took place in Oslo, journeying from a beach in the capital to a summer island in the Oslo fjord, symbolizing the company’s commitment to delivering not just meals, but to a transformative experience that offers both convenience and freedom.

For Glovo, a recent advancement in user experience  has allowed customers to immerse themselves in the delivery tracking process with the introduction of Glovo Island. The feature means that every iPhone user can now enjoy live order activity on their lock screen. Additionally, iPhone 14 pro owners have a bonus of having constant access to live activity nestled on the Dynamic Island, where the status of their Glovo order will remain despite any other activity being carried out on the device. 

Fostering collaborative relationships within the tech community

foodpanda Singapore recently joined forces with the Singapore Girls in Tech community, a group dedicated to offering support, tools, and mentoring opportunities for women in the tech sector. The two jointly hosted a panel titled “We got into tech – so what’s next?”, joined by foodpanda CTO Sebastian Rodriguez, Engineering Managers Yashika Katyal and Jinny Wong, and Senior Frontend Engineer Avery Lim. The panel discussed topics close to the vision of the Girls in Tech community, such as finding a suitable mentor, balancing work and personal life, and getting to finding your path within the tech industry.

Facilitating secure and convenient digital transactions

talabat has joined forces with Abu Dhabi Commercial bank and Mastercard in a landmark partnership, with the launch of the ‘talabat ADCB Credit Card’. This offers a wide range of benefits to talabat customers, maximizing rewards for delivery orders. 

Designed to fuel the growth of e-commerce in the MENA region and built on a shared passion for innovation, the co-branded card creates a superior customer experience by providing innovative and best-in-class propositions for consumers. The partnership also aligns with the UAE government’s vision to promote digital inclusion and reduce paper trail in the region. Alongside driving operational efficiencies across Delivery Hero’s platforms, new benchmarks have been set for e-commerce solutions of the future.

Delivery Hero is the world’s leading local delivery platform, operating its service in over 70 countries across Asia, Europe, Latin America, the Middle East and Africa. The Company started as a food delivery service in 2011 and today runs its own delivery platform on four continents. Additionally, Delivery Hero is pioneering quick commerce, the next generation of e-commerce, aiming to bring groceries and household goods to customers in under one hour and often in 20 to 30 minutes. Headquartered in Berlin, Germany, Delivery Hero has been listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange since 2017 and is part of the MDAX stock market index. For more information, please visit


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