self awareness_Delivery Hero
Learn & Grow 26 Feb 2020

Why successful leadership starts with self-awareness

Out of all the elements that make a good leader, self-awareness might be the most fundamental one: it’s the basis on which empathy, fairness and a growth mindset are built. Katherine Protano, our Specialist for Diversity and Inclusion, talks about how we can get there.

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careers at Delivery Hero
Culture & Careers 14 Feb 2020

Purposeful careers: Would you do your job for free?

What does a meaningful career mean to you? Do you know your strengths and weaknesses? What motivates you? Eloise Brauer, Senior Manager, Talent Development, talks about how to eliminate self-limiting beliefs, move toward your true passions and reach your fullest potential.

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500k restaurants Delivery Hero
Business & Innovation 27 Jan 2020

Half a million restaurants: how did we get there?

This week, we reached the momentous number of 500,000 restaurants on our platforms. Marija Terzic, Senior Manager Global Sales, talks about what it takes to reach such numbers and still offer an amazing experience, why more restaurants comes with its own challenges, and what the future holds.

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Delivery Hero kitchens
Business & Innovation 07 Jan 2020

Kitchens optimized for delivery: Delivery Hero’s favourites

When you want to order food online, it might be easy to get a broad choice of restaurants in one part of the city, but in another area you have to select between only a few cuisine types. We solve this gap between demand and supply by building our very own kitchens optimized for delivery.

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